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How to Manually Install/Reinstall an OS, Using SolusVM for Customized Installation?

The SolusVM Automatic Reinstall option does not allow you to modify or create a custom partition but you can manually install an OS by following these instructions:

1. Login to your SolusVM Control Panel.
2. If you have multiple VPS, select the appropriate one.

3. Scroll down, and under the "œsettings" tab, change the Boot Order to "œ(1) CDROM (2) Hard Disk".

4. Now click on the "œCDRom" tab and if the CD-ROM is already mounted, click on unmount and then select your operating system from list. Then click on "œMount".

Reboot your VPS by clicking on "œReboot" and it will show a confirmation window. Then click on "œYes".

Now quickly click on VNC without waiting.

7. The new VNC page will open. Click on "œJava VNC Client" or on the "œVNC" button.

8. It will prompt for confirmation. Click "œOk" or "œContinue" and it will show "œSecurity Warning". Accept it and click on "œrun".

9. Most operating systems will ask you to "œPress any button to start OS Installation" while booting. You need to press any key on your keyboard when asked and the OS Installation/Reinstallation will begin. It may also show you an option like "œInstall OS", "œTest this media". For OS Installation/Reinstallation you need to select "œInstall OS" and press the enter button.

Once the installation begins, it while set up the OS and ask you to create partitions, set root/admin passwords, etc.

After the installation is complete, don"™t forget to set your VPS Boot Order to "œ(1) Hard Disk (2) CDROM", otherwise it will reboot your VPS and start in installation mode, instead of normal mode.

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