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How to Manually Install a Theme on WordPress Using the Admin Dashboard?

You downloaded a new theme from trusted website and want to install it on your WordPress site using the Wordpress Admin area. If that"™s the case, follow this tutorial.

1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard.

2. Under the dashboard menu, hover over "œAppearance" and click on "Themes".

3. Click on "œUpload Themes".

Click on Browse and chose a theme, which is compressed in a ZIP file, from your PC/Laptop. If your ZIP file contains a folder like "œupload", first extract the content of uploaded files and the compressed theme file. Click on "œInstall Now".

5. It will take a few minutes to upload a theme, and then, if it is successfully installed, it will show a message like "œTheme installed successfully". Now click on "œActivate".

Congratulations, you manually installed and activated a new WordPress theme.

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